Random-access memory

zswap – compcache, compressed swap for better performance


First, here is a link to article on compcache. http://code.google.com/p/compcache/wiki/CompilingAndUsingNew zswap is already in the kernel and you can see the documentation in the kernel …

browsing the windows machines and their shares – listing


 smbtree is a very nice command to check all the machines that are present in the LAN (your connected network). For this to work you may need to look at this article also.  


vmstat – what it is and how to use?


Image via Wikipedia […] vmstat provides a summary of various functions within the system, including system wide free memory, paging counters, summarized disk activity, system calls and cpu …


Speed Up Firefox by Moving Your Cache to RAM


<dd class="wp-caption-dd zemanta-img-attribution" style="font-size: 0.8em;"> Image via <a …

Are you swapped? Increase the performance of Linux machine.


With the ever increasing cost of the Hardware, the amount of physical RAM available on the system is increasing day by day. For example, couple of years back, I had a system which was very high end …

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