Short url to full url


Most of the Social sites will shorten the links. There are a lot of ways to check the url before you go to the url and get phished :) For example, for bitly you can just add a ‘+’ at the …

Bash script performance issue and remediation


I was looking at writing some output to files. The output did not vary much but the number of lines was huge. It was long time back so I dont remember the context of the requirement but I needed to …

Run X11 applications on docker or podman


Found x11docker project in github. This is a very nice project if you are trying to run GUI applications in dockers. It takes the hassle out and helps you run the GUI applications very easily in …

Show Local IP


You can see the local IP of the machine with the command - ip a. However if you have to use the address in some variable in a scrit. It becomes little tricky, something like […] and the command …

Openvpn files to nmcli connection


Many times you get openvpn file and when you want to connect to the VPN server, you have to start the vpn client from the cli. How you wish that this was added to NetworkManager so that you could …

scripting – performance improvement with file open


Sometimes just one line of code can make all the difference. I will show you with example. Here is script with 2 functions. Both are writing some lines of text to a file. First function, “a” I have …

rofi menu with icons


Here is a quick command to show menu (applications) in simplistic windows managers with icons.

check hard disk rpm or rotation speed


Lot of times you want to check the disk rpm, especially on the servers to check if it is 7.2K or 10K or 15K rpm disk. How do you do this from linux terminal. Here it is : sginfo -g /dev/<device> …

ssh trick – ssh to remote host with bastion host


Lot of times, you have to ssh to a server with bastion host. If you dont know what is bastion host then see this: […] Now, in such cases, either you add an entry in “~/.ssh/config” to route the … for URxvt


Sometime back I posted about – make your teminal sexy. I personally use URxvt terminal and hence need the xrdb files to apply the theme. It’s pain to go to the website everytime I want …

Color schemes for your terminal


Color Scheme for Gnome Terminal and Pantheon Terminal – here is the github page

Check your session type – wayland or X11


With both wayland and X11 in mainstream, its pretty easy to forget if you are running in Wayland or in X11. To check this here are the commands:

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