gqlplus – sqlplus with readline (tab completion)


Tab completion is something which is missing in the sqlplus and if you have lot of tables with long names or lot of columns then it is sufficiently difficult to type them 🙂 Here is a solution for this …

Oracle Select the top 5 queries


Here are one sql script that I found some time back. This will be listing the top 5 SQL queries in Oracle.

Oracle GUI client on Linux with mysql support


I was looking for some nice client for Oracle and mysql. I did find mysql-administrator and navicat to be useful but this is much better. <a href="" …

SQuirrel SQL for Graphical interface to Oracle/MySQL and loads of other database – OSS and free.


<a href="">Bookmark this category SQuirrel <a class="zem_slink freebase/en/sql" title="SQL" …

bash script with sql to get the number of records from multiple tables.


Here is the bash script: […] #!/bin/sh names[1]=errorlog names[2]=amit1log names[3]=amit2log names[4]=amit3log names[5]=amit4log j=1 echo $1 for i in $( sqlplus amit/passwd@tns @get_count.sql …

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