C Programs

Trunk-based Development vs. Git Flow


In order to develop quality software, we need to be able to track all changes and reverse them if necessary. Version control systems fill that role by tracking project history and helping to merge …

web services in c with cgi


I was trying to setup a simply webservice to reply to POST requests. Earlier this was being done in tomcat which seem a little overkill to me since I already had a webserver up and running. So, a …


C program to get the ascii string from a string


Lot of times, you would like to get the complete string in hex or ascii format and if you are one of them then this is something that will be helpful for you 🙂 Example output: […] …

colorgcc – Color your compiler output on Fedora


Lets start with installing colorgcc : sudo yum install colorgcc Now once that is done, you will need to ensure that the call to g++, gcc and others that you want to use, you will need to create a link …

Convert string to hex.


If you want to use snoop or tcpdump with advanced search in the packet, then you would need to convert the string to hex string. For this, either you can use a web search and find some web application …

Inotify Example - Introduction to Inotify with a C Program Example


<a href="http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/04/inotify-c-program-example/">Inotify Example: Introduction to Inotify with a C Program Example: <a class="zem_slink …

Last access time for file


The C program will print the last access time for the file. This is quite helpfull program when you want to find old files. Modifying the source to take the filename as argument and take multiple …

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