Get status of your servers with perl script.


Monitoring the servers could be well – “not difficult” but boring and monotonous. And since this is something that you should ideally do on daily basis, so why not have a script for the same. You …

Monitor your system with sysusage.


First some information on sysusage: […] Description : SysUsage continuously monitor your systems informations and generate periodical graph reports using rrdtool or javascript jqplot library. …

create text tables from delimited files.


To create simple text tables to paste in emails or to use in any other document where you want to show a table, here is something that you can use. There is a perl module which provides “tablify“. And …

some interesting alias


For this time, I will just give you a link to to bashrc file. Head over there and see some very interesting aliase’s.

bash regular expressions


Here are some quick links on bash regular expressions, pretty good links to bookmark, if you use, regular expressions in bash regularly. I especially like the tldp link at number 3. …

fork a new process in perl


I was doing something today and found that I require to fork a new process in perl. Now I had never done this earlier, so I did not know how to do this. First some background : I was doing some …

perl is faster than bash in some cases.


Some days back, I had to generate some data to be uploaded to a database. As usual I assumed that bash should be faster and hence wrote the script to create the files in bash. But I found that even …

Building a Finite State Machine Using DFA::Simple

2010/12/15 Building a Finite State Machine Using DFA::Simple By Bill Ruppert on September 23, 2004 12:00 AM I am converting some articles from MS Word to HTML by …

Getting the list of IOCTLS in the kernel.


Sometime back I was helping one of my friends in looking for all the IOCTLs supported by the kernel. Well we did not find the info we were looking for and thus thought to write a perl script to get …

prints line numbers


$ nl others: perl -ne &#8217;print &#8221;$. – $_&#8221;&#8217; $1 grep -n . $1 perl -pe &#8217;print &#8221;$. &#8221;&#8217; $1 cat -n $1 […] <a …

Inotify Example - Introduction to Inotify with a C Program Example


<a href="">Inotify Example: Introduction to Inotify with a C Program Example: <a class="zem_slink …

String and Array Creation


<img src="" alt="Perl One Liners" align="bottom" />This is the fourth part of a …

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