Get yourself some conkyrc files.

If you are looking for some nice conkyrc files, then you can head over to :

Ubuntu Forums

In this thread you can see some very nice conkyrc files with screenshots. You can browse through the thread and get the one that you like. But if you are like me and would like to download all of them to see the features and commands in each of them then you would need to copy each of these files and paste them separately. But if you have to do everything manually then there’s not much of being on Linux πŸ™‚

So here’s a one liner that you can use to download the page locally into a file called test:

wget -O test

And once that is done, you can use the command as below to get only the conkyrc file code and seperate them with “———————————–” and few nelines.

sed -n '/<pr/,/<\/pr/ p; 1d' test |\
sed '/<pr/,/auto">/ d'|\
sed 's#</pr>#\n-----------------------------------\n\n\n#'\

Well, neat isn’t it. Not quite, why do we need 2 steps, let’s try this in one:

curl|sed -n '// d'|\
sed 's##\n-----------------------------------\n\n\n#'>conkyr

Bingo, with this you will have all the conkyrc file extracted in the file called conkyrc in the same directory seperated with few newlines and β€œβ€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€“β€.

We will continue this some other time to get to a script, which can do all these for us, for now, chao…

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