[Solved] ssh works but scp does not

2011-08-29 168 words 1 min read

Structure of an SSH binary packet
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For quite sometime now, I was having this issue, that for the home system, I was able to connect to is using ssh but it never worked. Fnally after quite some debugging finally I found that the issue was with thebashrc. So, everytime I had to do a scp I would have to move/rename bashrc and do the reverse action after the scp was done.

Finally today I fixed it and the solution was very simple. I put the offending code or rather complete bashrc in the loop as mentioned below:


    <div class="text codecolorer">
      if [[ $SSH_CLIENT = "" ]<br /> <br /> then<br /> <br /> <bashrc code here><br /> <br /> fi

By doing this the bashrc is never executed when a ssh session is initiated (which is what happens for scp also). 🙂

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Authored By Amit Agarwal

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