Cont: Get yourself some more conkyrc files.

Last time we got ourselves some conkyrc files from the ubuntu forums. But that scripts gets the files only from the First page of the thread. Lets extend this further and get the script to get all the conkyrc files.

There are some 1048 pages in the thread, I am showing pages 1 to 3 but you can change 3 to whatever number you want 🙂

for i in {1..3}
	echo "Getting page $i"
	curl\&page=$i |\\
         sed -n '// d'|\
         sed 's##\n-----------------------------------\n\n\n#' \
	dos2unix conkyrc
	cp conkyrc .test
	while [ $(wc -l .test|sed 's/[^0-9]//g') != 0 ]
		sed -n '1,/------------------------/ p' .test|sed '$d' >conkyrc.$count
		diff .test conkyrc.$count |sed 's/^<.//'|sed '1, /---------------------/ d;2d'>.test
	echo "Files so far are : $count"
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