intercept stdout/stderr of another process or disowned process

2010-11-23 194 words 1 min read

The command is definately going to save your day if you have disowned the process by mistake. Only uses strace so might as well work on Solaris also, though not tried it.

intercept stdout/stderr of another process or disowned process

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      strace -e write=1,2 -p $PID 2>&1 | sed -un "/^ |/p" | sed -ue "s/^.{9 }(.{50}).+/1/g" -e 's/ //g' | xxd -r -p

Useful to recover a output(stdout and stderr) “disown”ed or “nohup“ep process of other instance of ssh.

With the others options the stdout / stderr is intercepted, but only the first n chars.

This way we can recover ALL text of stdout or stderr

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Authored By Amit Agarwal

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