Use the last command\’s output as input to a command without piping and bind to it to a key sequence in bash.

2010-09-01 181 words 1 min read

Use the last command’s output as input to a command without piping and
bind to it to a key sequence in <a class="zem_slink" title="Bash (Unix shell)" rel="homepage" href="">bash.

    <div class="bash codecolorer">
      &nbsp;<span class="kw3">bind</span> <span class="co3">\'</span><span class="st0">"\\C-h"</span>: <span class="st0">"\\<span class="es5">`fc\\ \\-s\\`</span>"</span><span class="co3">\'</span>

My comment : fc is the fix command of the bash builtin.
This is similar to using `!!` or

In bash 4.1 it seems you can bind directly to a shell command, but I&#8217;m
not running that version.

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by David Winterbottom (

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