Photo Editing with nice border and preparing for print.

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Working with photos in Linux is very easy with lots of viewers/editors/managers and what not. Not that there are not many options in Windows but most of them are not free. BEST case scenario is that you might get a evaluation version (i.e. if you do not use pirated/cracked version) of software‘s. Me, being completely against pirated and cracked version or evaluation version (if not, planning to buy the same) like the freedom of choice with Linux.

Now, this freedom also means that there are some features in one software that is not there in others. So, here is one more for the enthusiastic one’s to play around with. This one does not do much 🙂

Here is the info on the software itself:

PhotoPrint is a utility designed to assist in the process of printing digital photographs. PhotoPrint can do the following:

  • Print photographs 1-up, 2-up, 4-up or with any user-selectable number of rows and columns.
  • Create posters, split over several pages.
  • Arrange images into a sort of Carousel, fading from one to another.  (Ideal for CD labels)
  • Crop images to fit a specific frame.
  • Apply a decorative border to an image.
  • Make use of ICC colour profiles to provide accurate output.
  • Send 16-bit data to the printer, to avoid “contouring” problems in smooth gradients.
  • Apply a handful of effecs to an image, including sharpening, removing colour and adjusting colour temperature (ideal for cooling or warming black-and-white prints).

Okay, I know this does not look very promising until you are planning to get some prints. Don’t get started with flaming me but wait there’s more. There are some borders available to be used with this with description:

PhotoPrint Borders are the printing frames for use with PhotoPrint utility

Now, this is something that we can use to make our photos more beautiful. So, lets give it a try. Install both of these with the below command:

    <div class="bash codecolorer">
      &nbsp;<span class="kw2">sudo</span> <span class="kw2">yum install</span> photoprint-borders

Don’t worry we don’t need to worry about installation of photoprint as photoprint-borders has a dependency on the same, so it will be installed when you run the above. Once installed, fire it up with

    <div class="bash codecolorer">


To get to what we want we will use 1 column and 1 row setup and then add the picture and add a frame and be done with it.

Here is the snapshot of the window:

[Screenshot-photoprint 0.4.0][1]
Screenshot-photoprint 0.4.0

To show you the effect, here is the original and the modified images:

[Original Image of Hand][2]
Original Image of Hand
[Modified Image of Hand][3]
Modified Image of Hand
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Authored By Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal, Linux and Photography are my hobbies.Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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