gnome-blog — Deskbar applet for blogging

2010-03-25 0 words 0 mins read

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

Chanced upon utility called gnome blog. A nifty nice deskbar applet that can be used to post your blogs quickly.<h6 class="zemanta-related-title">Related articles by Zemanta <ul class="zemanta-article-ul"> <li class="zemanta-article-ul-li"><a href="">GNOME Music Applet dead, long live PanFlute ( <li class="zemanta-article-ul-li"><a href="">Docky Session Applet Video shows it&#8217;s made of win ( <li class="zemanta-article-ul-li"><a href="">Manage your secure shell connections from the GNOME panel ( <li class="zemanta-article-ul-li"><a href="">Connecting to a Microsoft VPN with Linux ( <li class="zemanta-article-ul-li"><a href="">GNOME Media Player Adds Volume control; 2nd release in 2 days ( <li class="zemanta-article-ul-li"><a href="">My desktop in a GNOME shell ( <li class="zemanta-article-ul-li"><a href="">Jorge Castro: Become a Friend of GNOME ( <div class="zemanta-pixie"><a class="zemanta-pixie-a" title="Reblog this post [with Zemanta]" href=""><img class="zemanta-pixie-img" src="" alt="Reblog this post [with Zemanta]" /><span class="zem-script more-related more-info pretty-attribution paragraph-reblog">


Authored By Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal, Linux and Photography are my hobbies.Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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