Add a image to the list of background files in gnome

2010-03-23 188 words 1 min read

In Gnome, when you right click on the desktop background you will get a menu for ”Change Desktop backgound. The images displayed in this menu are quite a few but if you want to add your own (read: more than some 5-6 files) then it takes really some time in using the GUI to add them. And if you want to add a few 10’s of file, like say 50 then you are done.

So I wrote a simple script to add the images to the menu from command line. This was a quick script so no checks done, use at your own risk and after taking backup of related files 🙂

#Remove the last line from the file.

sed -n ’$!p’ ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml > /tmp/outfile
mv /tmp/outfile ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml

#Start adding the wallpaper
echo ”” » ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml
echo ”    $1” » ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml
echo ”    ” » ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml
echo ”`pwd`/$1” » ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml
echo ”
” » ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml
echo ”    zoom” » ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml
echo &#8221;    <shade_type>solid</shade_type>&#8221; » ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml
echo &#8221;    #76848F&#8221; » ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml
echo &#8221;    #142C3D&#8221; » ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml

echo &#8221;    &#8221; » ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml

#Add the last line again
echo &#8221;&#8221; » ~/.gnome2/backgrounds.xml


Authored By Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal, Linux and Photography are my hobbies.Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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