Movie Review (by Prashant Prahlad Abkari) – Stanley ka Dabba

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You wake up to some noise.. popping up of sesame seeds….u avoid it ..Daily routine they are..

Lethargically you start preparing by stuffing the books, separating them as either 100/200 pages or text books and placing them in different compartments, only to retrieve it easily. Packing Done .

Its late.. You start rushing with your heavy bagpack..Empty handed..  R u missing something? A loud scream from  back..

DABBA … Food for lunch it is ..

After some mundane morning  sessions and some short naps, you desperately wait for lunch break. With less time on hand, you along with the your Gang start finding a place to have packed food peacefully(Hang out is what we call now..).

Open the Dabba..There is something .. yeah something.. hardly u care .. seated in a circle u start passing it in round robin fashion to make sure each and everyone has tasted it. A curious friend X asks Y if he has brought chutney along with curd rice that so much suits the taste.X enjoys a spoon of that and passes on a smile. All they want is to just to hang out. They hardly keep track of the individuals contribution/share. Its a crime.

You go back to attend more classes,some mundane ,some interesting and some deserving a nap. End of the Day. You go back to home and start the next day afresh.

Memories . Million Memories those school moments were . They were brought to life again and refreshed after watching the most endearing and heartwarming children movie that lights up those childhood days when we were at our purest state.

Stanley Ka Dabba

Stanley is 4th Grade(F section to be precise) student who keeps his class entertained by his impromptu parallel world stories. The stories he narrates to teachers to bail himself and his gang members out of a situation/query. In free time or recesses he makes the whole class *head bang* to his tune of Dan Tan Tan.

Lunch Period is the time that he hates the most. Thats because he doesnt get the Dabba like others. Unlike others he kills his hunger by having copious amount of water  to sustain the afternoon sessions. Often shares it with his generous friends, but hesitantly though.

Mr. Verma(Amole Gupte) , a Hindi teacher  faces a similar sort of a problem. Though in this case he gets his colleagues share their food by pestering them. Shamelessly though.  He is better known as Khadus among kids for hijacking sharing their food, albeit alone.

Thinking that Stanley is robbing his share of food from gang members, Verma vents out his anger and passes disparaging comments on Stanley by asking him not to come to school until he gets his own Dabba.

At the end , Stanley gets out of this awkward predicament by getting a Dabba of his own. How? Anything beyond this would be a spoiler J

Though Stanley and Verma are facing the same problem,empathy for Stanley grows. In actual they both are representation of same character. But still we end up empathizing with Stanley and not Verma.Why? If observed carefully it would reveal that Verma was once Stanley, hence his behavior (opinions may differ).Verma just didnt wanted to see that side of life. May be.

Lets discuss the Gang. Yes the Friends, that we cherish the most. Reminds us of those bench fights that we picked up for crossing an undrawn borderline, the extra classes that we bunked to watch the fag end of a Test match, times when we deliberately punctured girls bicycle for fun, moments when we  were either caught playing radio in the extra classes or passing our answer sheets to our friends.

It was all unadulterated.

If God tells me that I have only 3 hrs to go, I would request for couple more so that I could watch Satya , Lagaan and maybe end with full stomach  after watching Stanley Ka Dabba.

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Authored By Amit Agarwal

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