Mohali Maahol!!!! KRICKET Diplomacy comes of AGE!!!!

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Mohali Maahol+ACEAIQAhACE KRICKET Diplomacy comes of AGE+ACEAIQAhACE Eleven flannelled fools chasing a red ball, with eleven thousand fools cheering them.

Bernard Shaw

This Englishman would have turned aback in his grave+ACEAIQAh By George+ACEAIQAhACE Had he glimpsed the current fervour and crescendo the game has attained. The World Cup which began in an almost staid and lacklustre manner (the Opening Ceremony was quite a damp squib, my thoughts) +IBM slowly but surely reached a state of frenzy with each win for India.

The week saw the Mother of All Matches at Mohali +IBM the one which was keenly anticipated, awaited, attended and finally achieved+ACEAIQAhACE Yes the Mohali Madness had such a viral frenzy that has seldom been witnessed in the willow world.

The match was no more a match but a national event with a Moholiday across almost the entire country. The game assumed more guargantuan proportions when our Politicos entered the arena.

Manmohan Singh+IBk-s invitation to his counterpart was an act unprecedented resulting in the coining of a new term in International Polity +IBM Cricket Diplomacy. Last that I heard was this was going to be included into the Merriam+IBk-s list (the list that Oxford Press collates to add new words into the dictionary).

Soon the new channels went so gaga over this event +IBM special NDTV episodes were quickly canned focussing on the dress code, IAF copter from Islamabad to Mohali to the menu items on the hosted dinner. Sanjeev Kapoor hosted a 6 episode serial on his channel dessicating each item on the menu along with its political flavours and tastes+ACEAIQAhACEAIQ

What happened on the ground is+ICY.. well HISTORY+ACEAIQAhACEAIQ What happened after the match is +ICY. Well was a MYSTERY which I am demystifying for you+ACEAIQAhACE Given the immense media hype and public favour that was generated because of the Mohali Match- India and Pakistan both have decided that the best way to move forward is by playing cricket. Cricket has been redefined now+ICY and HOW+ACEAIQAhACE

+ACo A daily soap match is planned between India and Pakistan under the aegis of SPORTS. This will be played for one hour every evening. The format is such that 26 weeks is one innings covering a year for a match. The entire concept and copyright for this format is the brainchild of Balaji Telefilms. The game has been rechristened as KRICKET along with an assortment of new word formations like Katch, Knee before Wicket, Kover, Kat (Ekta beware of Sallu+ICY Ranbir+ICY???), Kall etc.

+ACo There will be celebrity umpires with a vast varieties of audience participation events planned. Some of the celebrities rumoured to be umpiring the game for the weekend episodes are Big B, SRK, Aishwarya Rai etc. Rajnikant was requested to grace one session but he refused as his presence was conditional to the fact that 22 Rajnis will play amongst themselves.

+ACo One week is being planned wih AB Corp as +IBM Kaun Banega Kricketer with live audience given a chance to play the real game. The rules of the game will be suitably modified to accommodate these events.

+ACo Veena Malik and Shoaib Akhtar (he is now a celebrity kricketainer) are busy practising for a hot and racy item number for the Pakistani team whereas Mallika Sherawat and Emran Hashmi are doing their bit for the Indian team. Mallika- Emraan are shooting at the Lords stadium for a hot racy and a passionate item number. The song is reportedly inspired from the unforgettable dialogue rendered by the original He-Man Garam Dharam. The song is titled +IBM Choom Choom ke Maaroonga+ACEAIQAhACE

+ACo Manish Malhotra has designed the sportswear for both the teams.

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Authored By Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal, Linux and Photography are my hobbies.Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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