New entry – My DSLR from Nikon… just loving it.

2010-08-29 1275 words 6 mins read

For last couple of months, I was thinking of taking a <a class="zem_slink" title="Digital single-lens reflex camera" rel="wikipedia" href="">DSLR. I had a entry level DSLR from <a class="zem_slink" title="Fujifilm" rel="homepage" href="">FujiFilm <a class="zem_slink" title="FinePix S9100" rel="wikipedia" href="">S9600(which now I am planning to sell off). This is a very nice <a class="zem_slink" title="Camera" rel="wikipedia" href="">camera indeed, but I had to have a better camera. So, I searched and researched and finally it came down to list of few things I wanted: a camera with couple of features, a <a class="zem_slink" title="Zoom lens" rel="wikipedia" href="">zoom lens to begin with. So, after the discussion with one of my friends (Murali), thanks to him I have got my SLR (<a class="zem_slink" title="Nikon D5000" rel="wikipedia" href="">Nikon D5000). Its a dream come true. Here are some snaps of the box.

<img class="size-medium wp-image-2450" title="Nikon D5000 Box Pack" src="" alt="Nikon D5000 Box Pack" width="225" height="300" />

<img class="size-medium wp-image-2451" title="Nikon D5000 Box Pack" src="" alt="Nikon D5000 Box Pack" width="300" height="225" />

<img class="size-medium wp-image-2452" title="Nikon D5000" src="" alt="Nikon D5000" width="300" height="225" />

I will post few more posts on the first few photos from my SLR 🙂

Here is the snap of the camera :

<img title="D5000 Camera" src="" alt="D5000 Camera" width="500" height="375" />

<img title="D5000 Front" src="" alt="D5000 Front" width="500" height="375" />

<img title="D5000 Back" src="" alt="D5000 Back" width="500" height="375" />

And the features:

  • New Vari-angle monitor
  • <a class="zem_slink" title="Nikon DX format" rel="wikipedia" href="">Nikon DX-format 12.3-megapixel <a class="zem_slink" title="Active pixel sensor" rel="wikipedia" href="">CMOS <a class="zem_slink" title="Image sensor" rel="wikipedia" href="">image sensor
  • Specially designed EXPEED <a class="zem_slink" title="Image processing" rel="wikipedia" href="">image processing system
  • Live View shooting
  • Movie clips with D-Movie
  • 19 Scene Modes
  • Scene Recognition System with Face Detection System
  • Active D-Lighting
  • 11-point <a class="zem_slink" title="Autofocus" rel="wikipedia" href="">AF system with Multi-CAM 1000 autofocus module
  • Picture Control System
  • Photo editing
  • Nikon Integrated Dust Reduction System

And the technical specification :<table border="0" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="7" width="100%"> <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">

Type of Camera <td bgcolor="#ffffff"><a class="zem_slink" title="Single-lens reflex camera" rel="wikipedia" href="">Single-lens reflex <a class="zem_slink" title="Digital camera" rel="wikipedia" href="">digital camera <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Effective Pixels <td bgcolor="#ffffff">12.3 million <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Image Sensor <td bgcolor="#ffffff">Nikon DX format (23.6 x 15.8 mm) CMOS sensor <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Image Size (Pixels) <td bgcolor="#ffffff">4,288 x 2,848 [L], 3,216 x 2,136 [M], 2,144 x 1,424 [S]
D-movie: 1280 x 720 / 24fps, 640 x 480 / 24fps, 320 x 240 / 24fps <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Sensitivity <td bgcolor="#ffffff">ISO 200 to 3,200 in steps of 1/3 EV, plus HI-0.3, HI-0.7, HI-1 (ISO 6400); LO-0.3, LO-0.7 and LO-1 (ISO 100) <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">File Format <td bgcolor="#ffffff">NEF (12 bit compressed RAW)
JPEG (Baseline-compliant)
AVI movie (Motion JPEG compression format with monaural sound) <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Storage Media <td bgcolor="#ffffff"><a class="zem_slink" title="Secure Digital" rel="wikipedia" href="">SD memory card (SDHC compliant) <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Shooting Modes <td bgcolor="#ffffff">1) Single frame
2) Continuous: 4fps
3) Self-timer
4) Delayed remote
5) Quick-response remote
6) Silent shooting
7) D-Movie <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">White Balance <td bgcolor="#ffffff">Auto (hybrid control with image sensor and 420-segment RGB sensor) 12 manual modes, 31 color temperature settings, preset manual, fine tuning, white-balance bracketing <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">LCD Monitor <td bgcolor="#ffffff">2.7&#8221;, 230,000-dot, low-temperature polysilicon TFT vari-angle LCD <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Playback Function <td bgcolor="#ffffff">1) Full-frame, 2) Thumbnail (4/9/72, calendar), 3) playback zoom, 4) RGB histogram display, 5) RGB histogram for portion of the image visible in the monitor with playback zoom, 6) Slide show, 7) Movie playback, 8) stop-motion movies <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Delete Function <td bgcolor="#ffffff">1) Card format, 2) All frames delete, 3) Selected frames delete <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Interface <td bgcolor="#ffffff">USB 2.0 (High-speed): MTP/PT, GP-1 (GPS Unit) <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Picture Angle (in 35mm [135] format equivalent) <td bgcolor="#ffffff">Approx. 1.5x lens focal length <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Viewfinder <td bgcolor="#ffffff">Eye-level penta-Dach mirror type; built-in diopter adjustment (-1.7 to +0.5m-1) <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Focusing Screen <td bgcolor="#ffffff">Type B Brite View clear matte screen Mark V with superimposed focus brackets <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Viewfinder Frame Coverage/Magnification (with 50mm lens at infinity; -1.0 m-1) <td bgcolor="#ffffff">Approx. 95%/ Approx. 0.78x <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Autofocus <td bgcolor="#ffffff">TTL phase detection by Nikon Multi-CAM 1000 autofocus module with AF-assist (range approx. 0.5-3m/1ft 8 in. – 9ft 10 in.); Detection range: -1 to +19 EV (ISO 100 at (ISO 100 at 20°C/68°F) <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Focus Modes <td bgcolor="#ffffff">1) Autofocus (AF): Single-servo AF (AF-S); Continuous servo AF (AF-C); Auto AF-S/AF-C selection (AF-A), 2) Manual focus (MF) can be selected from 11 focus point <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Exposure Metering System <td bgcolor="#ffffff">1) Scene-recognition system compatible 3D color matrix metering ? (type G and D lenses), color matrix metering II (other CPU lenses)
2) Center-weighted (weight given to 8-mm circle in center of frame)
3) spot metering (meters 3.5-mm circle centered on selected focus point) <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Exposure Metering Range (at normal temperature [68°F/20°C], ISO 100 equivalent, f/1.4 lens) <td bgcolor="#ffffff">1) 0 to 20 EV (3D-Color Matrix or Center-weighted metering)
2) 2 to 20 EV (Spot metering) <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Exposure Control <td bgcolor="#ffffff">1) Digital Vari-Program (Auto, Auto [Flash Off], Portrait, Landscape, Child, Sports, Close Up, Night Portrait),
2) Programmed Auto [P],
3) Shutter-Priority Auto [S],
4) Aperture Priority Auto [A],
5) Manual [M],
6) Scene modes applied with mode dial set to SCENE : Night landscape, Party/Indoor, Beach/Snow, Sunset, Dusk/Dawn, Pet portrait, Candlelight, Blossom, Autumn colors, Food, Sihouette, High key, Low key <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Auto Exposure Bracketing <td bgcolor="#ffffff">3 exposures in increments, ?2.0– +2.0 (in steps of 1/2 or 1/3 EV) <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Shutter <td bgcolor="#ffffff">Electronically controlled vertical-travel focal plane shutter, 30 to 1/4000sec in steps of 1/3 EV plus bulb <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Sync Contact <td bgcolor="#ffffff">X-contact only; flash synchronization at up to 1/200 sec <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Flash Control <td bgcolor="#ffffff">1) i-TTL flash control by 420-segment RGB sensor; i-TTL balanced fill-flash for digital SLR, standard i-TTL flash for digital SLR <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Flash Sync Modes <td bgcolor="#ffffff">1) Front-curtain sync,
2) Red-eye reduction,
3) Slow sync with red-eye reduction,
4) Slow sync, rear-curtain sync <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Self-Timer <td bgcolor="#ffffff">Electronically controlled timer with duration of 2, 5, 10 or 20 s. <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Depth of Field Preview Button <td bgcolor="#ffffff">No <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Remote Control <td bgcolor="#ffffff">Via Wireless Remote Control ML-L3 (optional) <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">GPS <td bgcolor="#ffffff">via GP-1 GPS Unit (optional) <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Supported Languages <td bgcolor="#ffffff">Total of 17 languages: Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Power Requirements <td bgcolor="#ffffff">Rechargeable EN-EL9a Li-ion battery, EH-5a AC adapter (available separately; requires optional EP-5 AC adapter connector; EN-EL9 also supported) <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Battery Life (on a fully charged battery) <td bgcolor="#ffffff">Approx. 510 shots <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Tripod Socket <td bgcolor="#ffffff">1/4 in. (ISO1222) <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Dimensions <td bgcolor="#ffffff">Approx. 127 x 104 x 80mm <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Weight (without battery, memory card or body cap) <td bgcolor="#ffffff">Approx. 560g <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Supplied Accessories (may differ by country or area) <td bgcolor="#ffffff">Rechargeable Li-ion battery EN-EL9a, Quick charger MH-23, USB cable UC-E6, Rubber Eyecup DK-24, Camera strap AN-DC3, Body cap, Eyepiece cap DK-5, Software Suite CD-ROM, AV Cable EG-CP14 <tr valign="top"> <td width="20%" bgcolor="#ffffff">Other Features <td bgcolor="#ffffff">Vari-angle LCD monitor with range of movement: 0°–180° for opening/closing (?90°–180° for rotation),Integrated Dust Reductions System, Graphic User Interface, Live view (with face-priority AF), D-Movie <div class="zemanta-pixie" style="margin-top: 10px; height: 15px;"><a class="zemanta-pixie-a" title="Enhanced by Zemanta" href=""><img class="zemanta-pixie-img" style="border: medium none; float: right;" src="" alt="Enhanced by Zemanta" /><span class="zem-script more-related pretty-attribution">


Authored By Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal, Linux and Photography are my hobbies.Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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