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function sr() {

declare pattern replacement name usage
declare -i pvar=0 rvar=0 tvar=0

usage='usage: sr [-t ] [-n name] [-p pattern] [-r replacement] [– ] [dir1 dir2 …]'

# cf. <a href="">

while [[ "${1:0:1}" == '-' ]] ; do

[[ "${1}" == '–' ]] && { shift; break; } # – marks end of options

[[ ${#1} -ne 2 ]] && { echo "${usage}"; return 1; }

case "${1:1:1}" in
'n') name="${2}"
shift 2 ;;
'p') pattern="${2}"
shift 2 ;;
'r') replacement="${2}"
shift 2 ;;
't') tvar=1
shift ;;
*) echo "${usage}"
return 1 ;;


if [[ $pvar -eq 0 ]] || [[ $rvar -eq 0 ]]; then
echo 'Both options -p and -r must be specified!'
echo "${usage}"
return 1

while read -d $'' fpath; do

if [[ -z "$(/usr/bin/egrep -I -m1 '^.' "${fpath}")" ]]; then # skip binary files
echo "<a class="zem_slink freebase/en/binary_file" href="" title="Binary file" rel="wikipedia">Binary file: ${fpath}"

if [[ $tvar -eq 0 ]]; then # perform an actual search & replace

cat «-<a class="zem_slink freebase/en/end-of-file" href="" title="End-of-file" rel="wikipedia">EOF | /bin/ed -s "${fpath}"

else # only simulate a search & replace and print the result to stdout

printf "nn33[1m%s33[mnnn" "${fpath}" # print the current <a class="zem_slink freebase/guid/9202a8c04000641f8000000000220ffa" href="" title="Path (computing)" rel="wikipedia">file path

# delete all lines that do not contain a <a class="zem_slink freebase/en/pattern_matching" href="" title="Pattern matching" rel="wikipedia">pattern match: v/…
# add a final trailing new line in case all lines got deleted: $a…
# do the matching: g/${pattern}/…
# insert '#: ' at the beginning of each line: g/./s/(…

cat «-EOF | /bin/ed -s "${fpath}"

g/${pattern}/s/${pattern}/$(printf "33[32m${replacement}33[m")/g
g/./s/(.*)/#: 1/g


done < <(/usr/bin/find -x "${@}" -type f -name "*${name}" -not -empty -print0)


man ed | less -p '<a class="zem_slink freebase/en/regular_expression" href="" title="Regular expression" rel="wikipedia">REGULAR EXPRESSIONS'

# test mode
sr -t -p hello -r world -n ".txt" /path/to/dir | less -r

# actual search & replace without previous backup
sr -p hello -r world -n ".txt" /path/to/dir

# backslash-escape the / character
sr -t -p '/usr/local' -r '/opt/local' /path/to/file

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Authored By Amit Agarwal

Amit Agarwal, Linux and Photography are my hobbies.Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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