sxiv – image viewer

2013-12-06 1 min read Fedora Photo
sxiv is a nice alternative to feh. It is very light weight and quite useful. Here is the description: Description : sxiv is an alternative to feh and qiv. Its only dependency besides xlib is imlib2. The primary goal for writing sxiv is to create an image viewer, which only has the most basic features required for fast image viewing (the ones I want). It works nicely with tiling window managers and its code base Continue reading

viewnior – another image viewer on Linux (with support for GIF)

2010-09-25 1 min read Fedora Linux Photo
Here is another Linux viewer (Image) that is worth a mention. URL : <a href=""> Description : Viewnior is an <a class="zem_slink" title="Image viewer" rel="wikipedia" href="">image viewer program. Created to be simple, fast and elegant. It&#8217;s minimalistic interface provides more screen space for your images. Among its features are: Fullscreen & Slideshow Rotate, flip, save, delete images Animation support Browse only selected images Navigation window Simple interface Configurable <a class="zem_slink" title="Mouse (computing)" rel="wikipedia" href="http://en. Continue reading