Installing Bling Theme on N900

2011-06-18 2 min read Maemo N900
Image via Wikipedia There is a very nice theme for N900 and it is called Bling theme. There is a problem though with the theme, the theme still does not have a installable .deb file, and thus the files need to be directly copied to “/usr/share/icons” and you have to manually do the mkdir and all such command in the terminal in a N900, which does not seem familiar to quite a lot of people using N900. Continue reading

Deleting all mails in the N900 (Maemo 5) permanently

2011-06-14 2 min read Maemo N900
Well couple of days back, I checked the folder details of one of my accounts configured on the N900 (Maemo 5) and it was showing some 1000 or more emails, whereas I had only 4-5 emails in the Inbox so where are the other emails and how to I get rid of them. This was causing the mail application to become a little slower than usual so do I live with it, I decided not to do so and thus found out how to delete all the mails. Continue reading

N900 starts showing junk characters

2011-06-08 1 min read Maemo N900
Well, sometime back I bought N900, some snaps here. And sooner than later I started playing with it. In an effort to reduce the disk usage for the “/” (root) partition, I removed some packages that were taking too much of space and managed to get the mobile to a stage where a lot of applications started displaying strange and junk characters and also cannot use package manager any more…errors reported. Continue reading

My new Maemo 5 Nokia N900 Mobile.

2011-05-20 2 min read Uncategorized
Image via CrunchBase I have been thinking of buying the “N900” Nokia mobile for quite sometime but for certain reasons could not get my hands on this mobile so far. Finally couple of days back, I got my hands on this beautiful and powerful piece of software and hardware. Well, here are some snaps for ya ll: BTW before we go to the snaps, there are some things that you will not see in the pics here but makes the first and the best impressions and they are Browsing, Email, Connectivity, Screen Resolution, Size of the icons (big enough to do most of the tasks with bare hands) et al. Continue reading

Announcing the release of Fedora 14 and upgrade procedure.

2010-11-03 4 min read Fedora
Before you read the release announcement, you can update/upgrade to F14 with : 1 <td> <div class="text codecolorer"> &nbsp;sudo yum upgrade --releasever=14 </div> </td> </tr> Note : You might get some un-resolvable dependencies, you can remove those pakages and continue and it should be a smooth migration. It’s here! It’s here! It’s really here! Fedora 14 has been officially released! Fedora is a leading edge, free and open source operating system that continues to deliver innovative features to many users, with a new release approximately every six months. Continue reading