My new Maemo 5 Nokia N900 Mobile.

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Image representing Nokia as depicted in CrunchBase
Image via CrunchBase

I have been thinking of buying the “N900” Nokia mobile for quite sometime but for certain reasons could not get my hands on this mobile so far. Finally couple of days back, I got my hands on this beautiful and powerful piece of software and hardware.


Well, here are some snaps for ya ll:

BTW before we go to the snaps, there are some things that you will not see in the pics here but makes the first and the best impressions and they are Browsing, Email, Connectivity, Screen Resolution, Size of the icons (big enough to do most of the tasks with bare hands) et al. Not to mention the great integration of the skype and GTalk contacts into the usual contacts and calling them like other GSM calls.


First the carry case:


[Nokia N900 cover][1]
Nokia N900 cover


Next the mobile in my hands 🙂


[Nokia N900][2]
Nokia N900


And the X-terminal running bash:


[bash running on N900 (Nokia)][3]
bash running on N900 (Nokia)


Complete Debian running in chroot environment on the mobile:


[Debian on N900][4]
Debian on N900


conky running on this:


[conky running on N900][5]
conky running on N900


mplayer and finally Ovi maps running on the phone:


[Ovi Maps on N900][6]
Ovi Maps on N900
[mplayer on N900 Nokia][7]
mplayer on N900 Nokia







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