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autoten- install nvidia, gnome color chooser and many others in one click on Fedora.


There is a application/GUI called autoten from Dangermouse, find <a href="http://dnmouse.org/autoten-2-12.fc10.noarch.rpm ">here, which will help you install these. […] I tried …

gnomecc color scheme - my favourite.


my favourite <a href="http://blog.amit-agarwal.co.in/wp-content/uploads/2009/06/gtkrc-2.0-gnome-color-chooser">gtkrc-2 file. Snapshot of how it looks. <a …

Mod your gnome desktop, change the colors the easy way.


Install the autoten application. You can find the instructions in my earlier post today <a …

Desktop with cairo-dock


Just love the look now. Heres the screenshot: <img class="size-full wp-image-472" title="Desktop" …

bash script to change icon theme to check out all the installed themes (personal)


I am really annoyed with the time that is required and the number of clicks that it takes to change the gnome icon theme. So here&#8217;s a small script that I wrote to quickly check out all the …

bash script to periodically change the cursor theme.


#!/bin/bash [[ &#8221;$1&#8221; == &#8221;&#8221; ]] && time=5 || time=$1 [[ &#8221;$2&#8221; == &#8221;&#8221; ]] && ( cd ~/.icons …

Spruce up your firefox with lightweight themes – Personas


Head over to Firefox addons site for persona <a href="https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/10900" target="_blank">here. This addon will give you the ability to …

fvwm Look and Feel, icons and themes


I am liking fvwm more and more. Rather I went ahead to get the themes and icons for fvwm and am quite happy with the amount of customization I can do with the WM. So, I found the themes page for the …

Change cursor and couple of other settings in window managers like fluxbox and fvwm (except gnome and KDE)


First off, get cursor theme from <a href="http://gnome-look.org/index.php?xsortmode=high&page=0&xcontentmode=36" target="_blank">here. You can download the one of …

bash – change theme for gtk in gnome and take screenshot from script.


I wrote a blog on bash script to change the icon/cursor theme using a bash script. Lets extend the same concept a little more and use the script to change the gtk theme for gnome and at the same time …

GoOo released new version of Open Office.


GoOo repository for Fedora at http://go-oo.mirrorbrain.org/stable/linux-i586/ has released the new version of GoOo packages.

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