autoten- install nvidia, gnome color chooser and many others in one click on Fedora.

2010-07-18 1 min read Fedora

There is a application/GUI called autoten from Dangermouse, find <a href=" ">here, which will help you install these.

  • designed to help get basics up and running fast
  • dvdplayback plus other codecs needed
  • parental controls
  • flash plugin
  • video card drivers
  • wireless drivers
  • set up sudo
  • java 6u7
  • realplayer
  • googleearth
  • frostwire
  • Limewire
  • lightscribe
  • compiz-fusion
  • skype
  • parental controls
  • plus many others

I tried it to install couple of things and it was a breeze. Here is a screenshot of the application.

<img title="Screenshot" src="" alt="Screenshot" width="945" height="809" />

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