bash debug – log all executed commands


Whenever I am writing a script in perl or bash, I always wish that there was some way to have all the commands logged or output to screen. I know there is “set -x” option to have debugging enabled, …

Fix typescript files generated with script command


Generally quite a lot of us would have used the script command. This generates the logs for the session. But the problem with the logs is that it contains a lot of un-readable characters. These …

create text tables from delimited files.


To create simple text tables to paste in emails or to use in any other document where you want to show a table, here is something that you can use. There is a perl module which provides “tablify“. And …

Vim – Why and where am I getting these errors from?


If you have got this question in your mind, then you are in right place. vim -V20 2>&1 |tee You can give the debugfile as any file, where you would want to log the debug messages. This will log a …

pigz -parallel gzip


Here is a short description of pigz: […] pigz, which stands for parallel implementation of gzip, is a fully functional replacement for gzip that exploits multiple processors and multiple cores …


15 Linux Bash History Expansion Examples You Should Know


Here is a nice link on BASH History Expansion. There are lot of examples in this page and some of them might be quite useful. But here are my list of favourites: !! This is probably the most used one …

Oracle Select the top 5 queries


Here are one sql script that I found some time back. This will be listing the top 5 SQL queries in Oracle.

glances – Get a glimpse of the whole system


You would have used top at some point of time. Did you not wish that instead of just the processes it list all the vital statistics of the system as a whole. How good it would be to see the Memory, …

Installing Full Blin g theme on N900


I was going through the post : and found the theme quite intruging but not complete to the point where I can download the deb file and install it in …

bash regular expressions


Here are some quick links on bash regular expressions, pretty good links to bookmark, if you use, regular expressions in bash regularly. I especially like the tldp link at number 3. …

Ranking of the most frequently used commands


Lets take a quick look at how to get the most frequently used commands on you shell. So what we need to do is this: […] <td> <div class="text codecolorer"> history | awk …

fork a new process in perl


I was doing something today and found that I require to fork a new process in perl. Now I had never done this earlier, so I did not know how to do this. First some background : I was doing some …

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