unrar or unar – go open source way

2014-05-15 1 min read Fedora
Recently there was a utility released called unar, a open source replacement for unar. Description:: The command-line utilities lsar and unar are capable of listing and extracting files respectively in several formats including RARv3. unar can serve as a free and open source replacement of unrar. To install on fedora: yum install unar The utility provides 2 commands called lsar and unar, which can be used to list and extract rar archives. Continue reading

Tora installation on Fedora 16 with rpm

2012-02-09 1 min read Database Fedora
[][1]Image via Wikipedia Last article I talked about tora installation from the sources, but if that is too much for you then you can use this one liner: rpm -ivh "http://amit-agarwal.co.in/mystuff/tora-2.1.3-1.fc16.i686.rpm" But if you like the hard way out, then you can always try this. Related articles Unrar in Fedora… (gryphon143.wordpress.com) Fedora Utils just got easier (funsurf.wordpress.com) rpmorphan – deborphan for the rpm based distros. (amit-agarwal.co.in)