kitty terminal themes

2020-03-09 1 min read Learning
Kitty is a very nice and fast terminal that uses GPU, you can find more information here. For this terminal there are lot of themes available that you can checkout on the kitty themes github page here. You can checkout the themes with git clone ~/.config/kitty/kitty-themes Once you have done that, you can use the theme with adding a line in kitty.conf as : include

ranger ‚Äď try terminal file manager

2018-06-11 1 min read Fedora Learning
ranger is a terminal file manager, just install and run and have some fun. Tip: You might want to try it on uxrvt terminal and in Photos folder once. Name : ranger Version : 1.7.2 Release : 8.fc28 Arch : noarch Size : 1.2 M Source : ranger-1.7.2-8.fc28.src.rpm Repo : @System From repo : fedora Summary : A flexible console file manager URL : License : GPLv3+ Description : Ranger is a free console file manager that gives you greater flexibility and a good overview of your files without having to leave your *nix console. Continue reading

terminal in browser.

2014-05-09 1 min read Fedora
Quite a lot of time, we are spending most of the time on Browsers and during this time, leaving the browser just to do some ls or some command for quickly checking something does not look productive and here is where butterfly is useful. Just install butterfly with: pip install butterfly and then head over to : http://localhost:57575 and voila you have a terminal in your browser.

sakura ‚Äď Reaaly good terminal with very few dependencies.

2011-03-30 1 min read Fedora Uncategorized
I was searching for something in the Fedora repos and found a really good terminal, sakura. Its very much like Gnome-terminal. I did not find much difference other than using less memory. To install: 1 <td> <div class="text codecolorer"> sudo yum install sakura </div> </td> </tr> and the details of the package: Name : sakura Arch : i686 Version : 2.3.8 Release : 1.fc14 Size : 137 k Repo : installed From repo : fedora Summary : Terminal emulator based on GTK and VTE URL : http://pleyades. Continue reading

change the terminal title dynamically in X11

2010-01-09 1 min read bash Gnome Linux
I was actually looking for this for quite sometime. Some years back in my bashrc was the proper setting for setting the terminal title when I did a cd, and I had completely forgotten how to do it. So today I searched quite a few commands the environment variables for doing the same and found it again. Here it is (Just put this in your bashrc or bash_profile): export PROMPT_COMMAND=&#8217;echo -ne &#8221;\033]0;`pwd`&#8221;; echo -ne &#8221;\007&#8221;&#8217; Continue reading
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