Port php mysql scripts to php 7.0 from 5.x version


Recently I got a script or series of scripts that were written for PHP 5.6x and hence used mysql_connect which as you know by now does not work with PHP 7.0. Since there were number of scripts, I …

send mail using telnet from script


If you have no other option but to use telnet with authentication to send mail πŸ™‚

bash ansi codes to html for html reports from shell script


How many times you have felt that there was some simple way to convert bash ansi escape sequences ( colors as well in terminal ) to html equivalent so that you can send the same as html report in …

ShellCheck – check basic POSIX shell script errors


Here is description of the tool: […] To install dnf install ShellCheck And just run the tool on the script to get the common errors.

nall – schedule your tasks like a pro


nall is a utility to run your scripts ( for whatever ) every defined period. Here is description: […] For installation : sudo yum install nall Once done, you can start from terminal as β€œnall” …

fork a new process in perl


I was doing something today and found that I require to fork a new process in perl. Now I had never done this earlier, so I did not know how to do this. First some background : I was doing some …

cdargs – bash cd command with bookmarks and browser.


cdargs is a <a class="zem_slink freebase/en/bash" title="Bash" rel="homepage" href="">bash shell cd with …

Logwatch for Linux Systems.


On my personal <a class="zem_slink freebase/en/client" title="Client (computing)" rel="wikipedia" …

vim – get names of the scripts and the details from the command line


For the below commands either you can set the two variables in bold and then run the scripts or change the following in the commands and run the scripts. If you have html2text installed then you can …

Easier Reinstalls


Easier Reinstalls I typically reinstall my computer operating system every six months. The reasons for this are that it cleans out the system and reinstalls require me to be in front of the computer …

vim search multiple files


Searching some pattern in multiple files is something that is required very often. There are multiple ways to do it, like <a class="zem_slink freebase/en/grep" title="Grep" …

What is my ip?


$ alias whatismyip="wget -q -O - <a href=""">" The preferred way for scripts …

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