Transfer all the google feed URLs to rss2email.

2010-05-09 1 min read Fedora Linux
Next step in restoring my settings was to get the working rules and all the blogs into rss2email. I have subscribed to more than 150 blogs. So, adding all of them manually was difficult. For a time like this, I subscribe to all the blogs using google reader and then add them to rss2email. So I had quickly exported the google feeds list and then had to find a way to extract the URLs for the blog to the rss2email. Continue reading

Simple rss to email service for your feeds on Linux with your/ISP server.

2010-01-01 2 min read Fedora Linux
I like couple of blogs and feeds but the problem is that I keep forgetting to run the rss reader and would rather like to have the rss article’s emailed to me at regular intervals so that I can read them when I want to without having to make sure that I am at my desktop at home computer or remembering to start the rss client. That sounds simple and do-able so lets try to do that. Continue reading