get all the urls in html file (local or on server).

2014-02-17 1 min read bash Fedora
To use this, you will need the lynx tool, so install that first. sudo yum install lynx Now, to get list of all the URLs in local html file or some URL, just execute this: lynx -dump -listonly Related articles Trouble in using file_get_contents() How to send image to server with url in ios Endangered species of the Web: the Link

power save mode for battery in Fedora 19.

2013-08-20 1 min read Fedora
I was getting really bad battery life on my Fedora 19 system, and did not find much on how to tune it. Finally I found something that just does not need much configuration but works pretty well. So, here is what you need to do: sudo yum install tuned tuned-adm The second package, tuned-adm installs additional themes for power saving. It is optional and not mandatory. Once you have installed these, you can do the following: Continue reading

Ubuntu – Really force remove a package.

2012-09-17 1 min read Linux
I was trying to remove a package on one of the Ubuntu installations the other day and was not able to do so. I tried google and tried all the options mentioned in various forums like “-f”, purge, reinstall and few others but nothing helped. I kept getting some errors about some files being already deleted. I also tried “set -e” in the prompt but the only result I got was terminal also getting killed. Continue reading

pdfjs – html5+javascript based pdf viewer for Firefox.

2012-09-05 1 min read Firefox
Firefox 15 has arrived and there is lot to brag about. Since there are already many blogs on this, so just giving you a link to one of those. But what is most interesting is the integration of PDF.js. It is a new html5 + javascript based pdf viewer. GHacks Link And to enable this viewer all you need to do is go to “about:config“. Search for pdfjs and set pdfjs. Continue reading

uptimed – keep track of your system uptime.

2012-04-02 1 min read Fedora
Uptimed is an up time record daemon keeping track of the highest up times the system ever had. Uptimed has the ability to inform you of records and milestones though syslog and e-mail, and comes with a console front end to parse the records, which can also easily be used to show your records on your Web page Installation : sudo yum install uptimed Once installed, you will have to first create the boot id with this command: Continue reading

pigz -parallel gzip

2012-03-26 1 min read Fedora Linux
Here is a short description of pigz: pigz, which stands for parallel implementation of gzip, is a fully functional replacement for gzip that exploits multiple processors and multiple cores to the hilt when compressing data. And for the installation: sudo yum install pigz With pigz, if you don’t have many things running on your multi processor machine then you will see a significant improvement when you are gzipping the files. Continue reading

Blogging from N900

2011-12-19 1 min read Maemo N900
[][1]Image via Wikipedia Can´t get simpler than this. Just install the application called wordpress in your N900, and punch in the details for your blog along with your admin login and password and you have a amazing wordpress client. You can even add photos like the one below: N900 and its applications keep me amazed and happy 🙂 Related articles Nokia N900 Gets Ice Cream Sandwich, Melts Under Pressure ( N900 takes a bite out of Ice Cream Sandwich, suffers Android brain freeze (video) (engadget. Continue reading
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