Some pictures from Burj Khalifa

2011-08-01 1 min read Photo
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Some pictures/photos from Dubai Zoo

2011-06-16 1 min read Photo
Here are some of the pics that I took in Dubai Zoo. The challenge in this was to get the correct Focus to make sure that the bars of the cage in the zoo does not come in the snaps. Putting the camera in the manual mode helps but then you can always focus on something in far distance and then try to focus on your subject and it might help, if not go for manual focus… Continue reading

My Photos in the Nikon d5100 contest.

2011-06-13 1 min read Photo Uncategorized
I have submitted my photos on the D5100 Nikon Photo contest. Do visit the links below and if you like them, vote for my photos 🙂 To vote, just click on the link. You will be taken to Nikon site, Facebook connect and vote.. simple. Thanks for all the support. [][1]Flower Closeup [][2]Food [][3]Camellion [][4]Tortoise [][5]Dubai Night View

First Destination in Dubai – Creek

2011-06-02 4 min read Photo
OK, so my first destination in Dubai was Creek in the after hours i.e. around 20:30PM. Good time to go to a place like Creek. Lots of lighting and really nice ferry to take you to the other side for pretty cheap so nice hub for my adventure with my camera. Result : Disaster. I took a lot of Photos there, but all waste because the time was after hours and I did not have a external flash. Continue reading

RawTherapee — Raw imagr processor for all platforms

2011-05-30 3 min read Photo
Image via Wikipedia Do watch this series for more information on my adventure with Windows in Dubai and Photography…. For the impatient ones, download the application here. Recently I was stuck with a Windows only laptop for a months time and I was in Dubai. Went to Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo there and as usual took the photos in RAW mode with my D5000 Nikon camera. Alas, now I did not have a decent application to modify the images. Continue reading