Some pictures/photos from Dubai Zoo

2011-06-16 1 min read Photo

Here are some of the pics that I took in Dubai Zoo. The challenge in this was to get the correct Focus to make sure that the bars of the cage in the zoo does not come in the snaps.

Putting the camera in the manual mode helps but then you can always focus on something in far distance and then try to focus on your subject and it might help, if not go for manual focus

I did most of this with manual focus.


[Swan in Zoo][1]
Swan in Zoo


See, this is what I meant when I said that Auto Zoom might not be good idea.


[Swan in Zoo with Manual Focus][2]
Swan in Zoo with Manual Focus


This does not have the cage.


[Effect of post processing][3]
Effect of post processing


A little post processing might help your snaps look great.


[Dont shoot me][4]
Dont shoot me


And sometimes, some amount of waiting to get the correct shot might make all the difference in your photos.

You can see some other snaps on the National Geographic site here.

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