check hard disk rpm or rotation speed


Lot of times you want to check the disk rpm, especially on the servers to check if it is 7.2K or 10K or 15K rpm disk. How do you do this from linux terminal. Here it is : sginfo -g /dev/<device> …

ionice – renice you IO activity for the process.


ionice is utility provided by the package util-linux. Description of util-linux: […] […] With the help of this utility, you can set the scheduler priority for your IO scheduling upto …

List all the rpms by size – quick way to find out what is eating your disk space in root partition


Here is a quick command to check the list of installed packages by their size in reverse order. Very useful if you want to remove unwanted rpms just to clean up some space on your disk: […] …

gnome-disk-manager – the easier way to manage disks in Gnome with Palimpsest


I had been using quite different set of tools to this but this is really good. Just install the gnome-disk-manager with […] sudo yum install gnome-disk-manager […] The interface is very …

Disk identification by UUID in Fedora.


Yesterday I managed to delete my complete /usr directory and thus had to re-install my OS but I learned something new yesterday which I didn&#8217;t know earlier or actually never bothered to find …

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