Taking screenshot in firefox.

2013-02-03 1 min read Firefox
Couple of days back, I was trying to take screenshot with Firefox. As usual I started out with searching for plugins which could take a screen shot for the whole page and not just the visible portion of the page. Installed couple of them, some did not work. Finally I found something called Development Bar. So, here is a simple way to take a screenshot. Press “Shift+F12”. This will bring up a bar in the bottom of the firefox window. Continue reading

Manually remove all the duplicate bookmarks in Firefox

2011-09-13 1 min read Firefox
Image by Getty Images via @daylife I was trying to install the duplicate Bookmark remover for the Firefox but for some reasons, was not able to install it. That apart, the point is that I was trying to get a program to do this for me rather than a plugin. So, after some search, finally I found here. This is a ruby script. The script requires ruby gems-json for doing this. Continue reading

Fast and bleeding edge Firefox.. version 7

2011-06-30 2 min read Firefox
Firefox 7.0 nightly builds have started and it seems to be quite fast. So, if you dont care about some sites not opening or once in a while your browser crashing, been using for 2 days on Windows , has not crashed so far and worked on all sites so far :), then you should install the Nightly build. Head over to the nightly build site and install the appropriate build for your OS. Continue reading

Firesheep addon allows the clueless to hack Facebook, Twitter over Wi-Fi

2010-11-13 1 min read Firefox Learning Linux
Firesheep addon allows the clueless to hack Facebook, Twitter over Wi-Fi If you thought hijacking a user’s social media session was only done by skilled hackers, now the Firesheep addon can allow even the truly clueless to become an Internet griefer. URL: http://feeds.digg.com/~r/digg/topic/linux_unix/popular/~3/cb0qD08tfpU/firesheep_addon_allows_the_clueless_to_hack_facebook_twitter_over_wi_fi Related articles Firesheep – a new tool for capturing data on unsecured WiFi (voipsa.org) Firesheep: Why You May Never Want to Use an Open Wi-Fi Network Again (blogs. Continue reading

Change the firefox theme without restarting.

2010-09-27 1 min read Firefox
How often you wished that you could change the theme for firefox without restarting. Well sometime back Mozilla came up with Light weight themes called personna’s but if that is not sufficient for you and you still want to change the theme and do not want to restart then you should install this theme. Once you install this theme, you will not note any change (Don’t forget to restart after installing the theme. Continue reading