my blog more accessible from PDA and iPhone


I have installed a seperate theme for iPhone and PDA so that the bandwidth and download required is much less from these devices. So, now my blog should load much faster if you are using a PDA or …

Complete makeover of the blog


I have been thinking about this for sometime. I have completed one year of the domain and thus on this occasion finally I am on a spree to do complete makeover of the blog.. Do visit the site to see …

Option to login with any provider.


I have enabled the following logins on my site. <a href="›-Log-In_1250790644706.png"><img …

Links exchange and new blogs.


I think one of the best ways to learn new things and also get some traffic to use blog is link exchange. For this, I am inviting all new and old blog owners to put their blog addresses in the comment …

Consider your account to be for you then use Linux


Found <a href="" target="_blank">this nice article today, may …

Flash cookies making sure you have no privacy.


Every one thinks that if cookies are deleted then you are in good shape and that sites cannot access your data. Think again or read<a href="" …

tagging enabled for subscribers on my gallery.


I have enabled tagging of my photos on this blogs image gallery. Do tag the images, when you get time. Also the tags with help others also to seach photos.

bash tutorial for begineer and experienced.


I having been looking for something like this for sometime. Found <a href="" target="_blank">this while searching. …

India to create a microprossor of its own and use Linux on it :)


Read the article <a href="" target="_blank">here. This is pretty good news, isn&#8217;t …

Scroggle — Google with privacy.


If you do not like the google tracking, then scroggle is for you. Head to scroggle to see how it works, but if you are in hurry then you start searching <a title="Scgoggle" …

feedly– addon for firefox if you have a lot of subscriptions for Google reader.


Download feedly <a href="">here. Feedly is the way to go if you have lot of subscriptions or otherwise too if you would like to see …

Managing your remote site locally – sitecopy.


If you are managing a remote site, web server that you do not have direct access to (terminal or ssh) and you have to do it with cpanel, then I know how much pain it is. I had the same issue until …

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