Enter the cvs password in scripts without manual intervention, automatically


One of the things I have been looking for sometime to do is enter the password for cvs in my scripts and finally here’s how to do it. echo ”password” |cvs login



You want to learn about Linux, start from learning what not to do. <a href="http://www.junauza.com/2008/11/7-deadly-linux-commands.html" target="_blank">Here is one for the …

Configure sendmail for SMTP relay with your ISP


http://cri.ch/linux/docs/sk0009.html I have copied the document from the above link without modifications Author: Sven Knispel Updated: 05-01-2005 Feedback welcome: <a …

Script to generate a html file with link to all files in directory


ls -1 |awk -F&#8221;.&#8221; '{print &#8221;&#8221;,$2,&#8221;.&#8221;,$3,&#8221; […] And if you want to do it recursively ls -1R |awk -F&#8221;.&#8221; …

Elive – just 5 generations ahead.


A lot of you must have heard about E16 desktop and lot others would have heard about the compiz. Think about the sheer beauty of the desktop for the combination of the 2. See some screenshots here. I …

4 Awesome Visual Search Engines To Transform Your Search


<a href="http://blog.amit-agarwal.co.in/category/linux/">Bookmark this category < !DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 TRANSITIONAL//EN"> […] <img …

Page rank – google and alexa and indiblogger.in


I was planning to put down my thougths on lot of other things but then one of the mails in my mailbox took my attention today. I had a mail from indiblogger.in stating that my page rank was 81. So, …

top command with rc to make it more useful and beautiful.


Just for fun, somedays back I was reading the top command. This command is something that I have been using since long time and have never read the man page so I thought let me do that. And yes, it …

Diff Linux command — Find the difference in files the easier way.


In Linux you can use diff command to find the differences in file. What is interesting is that you can use &#8221;diff -u&#8221; to list the differences with &#8217;+&#8217; and …

added mail and mail notification support on the blog.


I have been putting this off for quite some time, finally I added the mail support on my blog. You can subscribe to comments or new posts or newsletters. Just click on subscribe on the main page. On …

Database of vulnurability at milw0rm.com – udpate and makeindex with cron.


I am quite regular visitor of milw0rm and generally try to keep up with the vul&#8217;s. For doing this I wrote a small scripts rather set of scripts to keep myself update. Here&#8217;s what …

indiblogger submission accepted.


I had submitted my blog to indiblogger.in some months ago and it was in waiting list. I had lost all hopes that it will get reviewed or approved and had long since stopped looking at the status also, …

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