Stay safe from phising

2022-02-05 2 min read Learning bash phising
Generally when you get a phising mail, the biggest challenge is finding if the site is genuine or not. And URL shortening services do not make it any easy. Earlier I had posted about using curl to expand the url in this post. However you might not be on a Linux terminal all the time (for example - you are checking something on your mobile), in that case what do you do? Continue reading

Curl to exapnd short url

2022-01-09 1 min read Learning bash
Many times I receive short urls in mail and other places like chats and messages. I first like to see the destination before I click on the url. I was looking for some way to do this in bash. I realized that this could be very simply done by looking at the Location header in the response from curl. Example 1 curl -I|grep location and the output should be something like Continue reading

Sleep infinitely in bash

2021-12-19 1 min read Learning bash
I am sure that you would have got a lot of instances where you have wanted to sleep for infinity and ended up doing this 1 2 3 4 while [[ 1 ]] do sleep 3600 done or some other such similar loop to sleep for some time and wrap it in infinite loop. I learned something new recently and found it very useful. You can do the above with Continue reading

Ignore case when completing file names in bash

2021-12-11 1 min read Learning bash
Sometimes you don’t want to have the bash completion work with case completion. There could be several reasons like one I dont like is the default xdg folders starting with capital letters. So, if you know that bash uses readline for a lot of configuration then there is a very easy solution, you can just run this command and start a new bash shell :) 1 echo 'set completion-ignore-case on' >> ~/. Continue reading
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