Panini – pano viewer.. new way to look at your photo.

Some information on Panini:

Panini can load most common photo and panoramic formats from image
files such as those created with hugin or QuickTimeVR (QTVR .mov)
files.  Like all pano viewers, it then shows a linear perspective
view that can be panned and zoomed. But Panini can also display a
range of wide angle perspectives via the stereographic and
\”Pannini\” vedutismo families of projections, and shift, rotate, and
stretch the image like a software view camera.

Installing of Panini:

sudo yum install Panini

Note the capital P in Panini. Also note that you need to have P in Panini for execution also \":)\".

It\’s a panoramic view, meaning that once you load the image you can use right and left arrow keys or the mouse to move the image. Do not forget to check out the other viewing options in the menus. Quite impressive, I must say.

Interesting Tip:

If you like the view then you can take a screenshot and crop the image to use it as new image with the effects.


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