wine-doors – door to wine with applications like photoshop and lots of windows games.

wine is the project to natively support the Windows application on the Linux platform. But people who have tried to use it know that there are lot of dependencies on the Windows programs which cannot be resolved so easily :). There is a project called wine-doors. Here is the screen shot of wine-doors. When you start wine doors for the first time, the application will install the necessary dependency and not only that when you are installing any of the other applications then too it will install all the other required dependencies and its like working with windows without affecting the stability of your OS 🙂


Just loving it. And heres the screenshot of the Photoshop CS2 on wine:


Adding date to Photographs.

This is one of the common things that I want to do when I want to print the photos and its truely boring job to do given the fact that the Date Photo taken is already in the image taken by the Digital Photos. So finally I wrote a simple script to do this. Here it is for anyone who might be interested:

(Note you will need the program called anotate, written by me, posted earlier and exiftool)

if ($#ARGV < 0 )
    print \"$#ARGV \\n\";
    print \"Usage $ARGV[0] filename/dir\\n\";
    exit -1;
@files = `find \"$ARGV[0]\" -iname \"*jpg\" -print`;
$count = 1;
foreach $file (@files) {
    if ($flag) {
        # system(\"annotate \"$date\" \"$file\" \"$file\"\");
        # }
        # else {
        @details = `exiftool \'$file\'`;
        foreach $det (@details) {
            @words = split(/ : /, $det);
            $_ = $det ;
            if (/Date\\/Time Original/ ) {
                $date =$words[1] ;

    system(\"annotate \"$date\" \"$file\" \"$file\"\");
    $count ++;

My project in gnomedesktopwal

My project is accepted in and I have a stable version released today in sourceforge.

The link for the project is :
Gnome Desktop Wallpaper changer

This is a simple command line application to change the desktop wallpaper in gnome. This version has the capability to recurse directories and put the images in the directory as wallpaper.