RPMFusion release for YUM.

2009-10-17 1 min read Fedora

For people who have used yum on Fedora, you must have seen that couple of packages that you require are on Livna and couple of them on DAG and some others on FreshRPMs and Dribble. And for those of you, who have tried to install the packages from all these repositories, I know it is difficult. The repo’s never worked too well together.

So finallly there is a nice solution to all these problems, <a href="http://rpmfusion.org/" target="_blank">RPMFusion is the solution. This is a effort to merge the repo in all the four above mentioned repo. just now installed the repo and am updating my system and definately hope to get a lot lesser problems now. 🙂

So HAPPY installing new software and updates.

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