Play video in Fedora.

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How to multimedia xmms, rythmbox, mplayer, video, etc.

Lack of multimedia in fedora is one of my major complaints. This is intended for our newbies that have problems setup multimedia for mp3 music and dvd playback. Some commands are for fedora core 3, 4 and 5.

UPDATE: I started using mplayer. Make sure you download the 6 packages tchung is listing. This is my personal yum installation of mplayer which can be compare to windows media player. Totem will also meet your needs.

UPDATE: I added streamtuner for internet music lovers using shoutcast and others.

This how-to will show how to install: AmaroK, Mplayer, XMMS, Totem, Kaffeine, Ogle, Realplayer, MP3 plugins, and codecs for your music, video needs. Just added Streamtuner for listening music over your internet connection and all other streaming needs.

You need the repositories to install via YUM.

1. Not being able to work my way aroud xmms in fedora core 1 I discovered Zinf player and you can read the post for more info.

2. If you really want to rediscover your music you have to try amaroK! This is one of the latest music player by KDE and it\’s awesome. Amarok is not included in fedora as it is with other distros such as mandriva but it is avaliable from livna and fedora extras. You will need some kde dependencies but it you use kde as your desktop of choice it will take less than 5 mins. to install. Just run:

yum install amarok

You can also find it at the

Rythmbox Player
3. In FC3 I decided to try Rythmbox which is a very good music player too. We need to install some plug-ins to make work properly. Run this command to install via yum for fc 3 and 4 users:

yum -y install gstreamer-plugins-mp3


yum -y install gstreamer-plugins-ugly

XMMS Player and adding winamp presets.
4. If you did not install xmms during installation run this command in terminal to install all require apps:

yum -y install xmms xmms-mp3 xmms-wma xmms-skins

To add the winamp presets go to this how-to.

5. Streamtuner and Beep Player
To listen to streaming music from the internet you will need streamtuner. Just run this command to install all needed apps and dependencies:

 yum -y install streamtuner bmp-mp3

Please note under fedora streamtuner uses beep player that is why its needed to install bmp-mp3 plug-in and another dependency.

FunkyRes showed me how to do online music using Rythmbox.

You need to have mp3 support in gstreamer (can play mp3 files in Rhythmbox)

Download a shoutcast playlist file from

I right click on the \”tune in\” button and choose \”save link as\”

It will end in a .pls

Then from Rhythmbox –

Choose the radio option (opposed to Library)
Go to the Music menu and choose

Playlist -> Load from file …

Select the .pls file, and it should show up in your internet radio stations. Choose it and press Play.

Same concept applies to XMMS.

RealPlayer For Linux
6. Download realplayer for linux here. Open terminal and install it:

rpm -ivh RealPlayer10GOLD.rpm

To use it go to >Sound and Video >Realplayer.

For DVD playback I\’ve used Ogle, Totem (my favorite in fc2, and 3), kaffeine and mplayer (mplayer will play .avi, .mov and mpeg files). If you have your yum repo\’s setup you can always use yum to install.

Ogle Player and all needed dependencies will be installed via yum.
I will not get in a lot details about Ogle but this is the yum command:

yum install ogle

Kaffeine Player and needed dependencies will be installed via yum.
Kaffeine is another great player for dvd and mp3 music you can also use yum to install it:

yum install kaffeine

it only needs one dependency and yum will install it for you.

Totem Player and all needed dependencies will be installed via yum.
To install Totem I suggest you use Livna or Freshrpms repository because both provide the best installation including all dependencies needed. BUT before you install totem you must make sure you did not install that one included in fedora if so remove it first:

rpm -e totem

NOW you can install from yum!

yum install totem-xine

To install the codecs for mplayer open termial become root and do the following:

$ wget
$ tar jxvf essential-20050412.tar.bz2
$ mkdir /usr/lib/win32
$ cp essential-20050412/* /usr/lib/win32

Please note that the version may change and here is the link for the latest codecs.

To install the mplayerplug-in do the following:
Download it and install it:

rpm -ivh --nodeps mplayerplug-in-2.75-0.FC3.i386.rpm

Check you mplayerplug-in here:

To hear some sound in firefox or mozilla install mozplugger:

yum -y install mozplugger

Grip MP3 ripper to rip music:

yum install grip

These are the rpms I use for mplayer

Rythmbox website. XMMS website Ogle website

Read this thread for more info about RealPlayer for Linux

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