better bash debugging


I was trying to debug some bash scripts yesterday and learnt something new 😉 There are lot of things in bash that you can use to debug and to start with you can enable xtrace mode as follows: set -x …

The Hidden PS


<td> <div class="text codecolorer"> &nbsp;for p in `ps L|cut -d' ' -f1`;do echo -e "`tput clear;read -p$p -n1 p`";ps wwo pid:6,user:8,comm:10,$p kpid -A;done …

Skyline with Red color – from mobile.


Have you ever wondered, how the red skyline would look if you did not have your favourite camera with you to capture it. I had only my Samsung Omni Windows Mobile with me to capture this, do comment …

wine-doors – door to wine with applications like photoshop and lots of windows games.


wine is the project to natively support the Windows application on the Linux platform. But people who have tried to use it know that there are lot of dependencies on the Windows programs which cannot …

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