get all the urls in html file (local or on server).

To use this, you will need the lynx tool, so install that first.

sudo yum install lynx

Now, to get list of all the URLs in local html file or some URL, just execute this:

lynx -dump -listonly


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phpmyadmin access problem and change server from URL

I was having issues with one of the phpmyadmin setups. The first server defined in the config file was not accessible and the theme that I was using was not allowing me to change the server from the first page. This resulted in a state where I was not able to access phpmyadmin in any way. I could not connect to any of the servers. And thus had to hack my way in to phpmyadmin to find out how to connect to other servers from URL. And here is my finding:


In the above, replace server with your server address/IP. and also the number in the end with the server index in you phpmyadmin config file.

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Mirror or download a website with a tool much better than wget

If you want to mirror a website, the simplest tool I know if is wget. Once you have used wget, you know the troubles associated with it. You also get added couple of files as search html files, which are useless and wastage of bandwidth for you as well as the webserver.

lftp -e \”mirror -c\”  <URL>

This will mirror the website for you and will not leave with all those un-necessary files.