when you press f9 \’paste\’ is on , press f9 again and \’paste\’ is off, and so forth (works in insert-mode and command-mode)

vim\’s pastetoggle: when you press f9 \’paste\’ is on , press f9 again and \’paste\’ is off, and so forth (works in insert-mode and command-mode) $ nmap :set paste!:set paste? Sets as paste toggle, with visual confirmation of state

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by David Winterbottom (codeinthehole.com)

URL: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Command-line-fu/~3/jGHf9FmLuUI/vims-pastetoggle-when-you-press-f9-paste-is-on-press-f9-again-and-paste-is-off-and-so-forth-works-in-insert-mode-and-command-mode


Adding a sub-menu in the wordpress admin menu :)

For the impatient ones, first the code:
(in wp-admin folder, open the file menu.php) and locate the code:

$submenu[\’edit.php\’][10]  = array( _x(\’Add New\’, \’post\’), \’edit_posts\’, \’post-new.php\’ );

and add the below:

$submenu[\’edit.php\’][7]  = array( _x(\’Pending\’, \’post\’), \’edit_posts\’, \’edit.php?post_status=pending&post_type=post\’ );

And now the explanation and why do you need this 🙂


There is no direct mechanism to access the pending posts in WP admin. I generally post through email and mark them as pending. So, whenever I go to my admin POSTs page, I will look through the list of pending items and post them as and when required. For this, when I am done with changes in one item, I need to either modify the address bar or need to go to posts link and then click the Pending items.

I kind of did not like this so added one submenu just below the add new.. Cool, this is my first hack of the WP-core to get something going. For Plugins and sidebar I have kept doing this anywasys 🙂


importing outlook pst files in evolution in Fedora 13 ( Goddard)

If you were using outlook and moved to some other mail client then you know the pain of moving the mails from outlook mail from outlook to any other client.

If you are using evolution on Fedora, then you are in luck. Just install the plug-in and select the file to import as simple as that.

sudo yum install evolution-pst

Well, can it get simpler than that and a post shorter than this 🙂