phpmyadmin access problem and change server from URL

I was having issues with one of the phpmyadmin setups. The first server defined in the config file was not accessible and the theme that I was using was not allowing me to change the server from the first page. This resulted in a state where I was not able to access phpmyadmin in any way. I could not connect to any of the servers. And thus had to hack my way in to phpmyadmin to find out how to connect to other servers from URL. And here is my finding:


In the above, replace server with your server address/IP. and also the number in the end with the server index in you phpmyadmin config file.

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find duplicate entry in a list in bash with sed

Here I will take an example of rss2email list, but I guess I will be able to pass on the concept.

Here is example of the output of the r2e list command:

1: (default: amitag@localhost)
2: (default: amitag@localhost)
3: (default: amitag@localhost)
4: (default: amitag@localhost)

Target here is to get the list of all duplicate entries if any. So, first we need to remove the numbers from the begining and the email ID from the end.

We will use sed to remove the email and the numbers. Heres what we can use for doing this

sed \’s/^[0-9]*: //\’


sed \’s/ (.*//\’

So, let\’s try now with

r2e list |sed \’s/^[0-9]*: //\’ |sed \’s/ (.*//\’

If you see just the lines we are interested in then it is time to use the uniq command.

r2e list |sed \’s/^[0-9]*: //\’ |sed \’s/ (.*//\’ |uniq -d


Change phpMyadmin theme.

Changing the phpMyAdmin theme is as easy as downloading a theme from here. Then look at your /etc/httpd/conf.d/phpMyAdmin.conf file and check the line similar to

Alias /phpMyAdmin /phpMyAdmin

The second path is the path to your phpMyAdmin installation. Go to that directory and then go to themes directory and unzip the file. Reload your phpMyAdmin page in browser and select the newly installed theme 🙂