Gnome 3 screenshot with conky dock

Just to give you a idea of how beautiful it looks, here’s a screenshot 🙂

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Total upload and download on any interface.

Something that I have been searching for a long time, finally some look inside the /proc got me what I wanted. Hope this will save someone’s day. So far, the only option I could think of was to run conky which becomes a little heave on some of the very old laptops I have to use sometimes 🙁

 cat /proc/net/dev|grep eth2|awk '{print $2/1024/1024"  "$10/1024/1024}'

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Results of Fedora 16 Release Name Voting

Fedora 16 is codenamed Verne. Here are other details:

The voting has concluded for the Fedora 16 release name, and the
results are in!  Thank you to the Fedora community members who made
name suggestions and participated in the voting.

The Fedora 16 release name is: Verne

Voting period:  Tuesday 2011-04-05 00:00:00 to Monday 2011-04-11 23:59:59
Number of valid ballots cast:  421

Using the range voting method, each candidate could attain a maximum
of (421*9) = 3789 votes.


Votes :: Name
2204 :: Verne
1662 :: Beefy Miracle
1522 :: Omoto
1241 :: Nepia
1207 :: Bonnet
1157 :: Barona
908 :: Llullaillaco
845 :: Legation
607 :: Mt. Orne

Jared Smith
Fedora Project Leader

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