Tora installation on Fedora 16 with rpm

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Last article I talked about tora installation from the sources, but if that is too much for you then you can use this one liner:

rpm -ivh ""

But if you like the hard way out, then you can always try this.

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Interesting repository for Fedora.

Here is one repository that you can add to your Fedora to give it a few more hundred packages:

cat >/etc/yum.repos.d/rpm-sphere.repo <<EOF
name=RPM Sphere
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rpmorphan – deborphan for the rpm based distros.

Lets first install the rpmorphan package:
 sudo yum install rpmorphan
and here is the description of the package:
rpmorphan finds "orphaned"[1] packages on your system. It determines
which packages have no other packages depending on their installation,
and shows you a list of these packages.  It intends to be clone of
deborphan Debian tools for rpm packages.

It will try to help you to remove unused packages, for example:
* after a distribution upgrade
* when you want to suppress packages after some tests

Several tools are also provided :
* rpmusage - display rpm packages last use date
* rpmdep - display the full dependency of an installed rpm package
* rpmduplicates - find programs with several version installed

Yum offers a program called 'package-cleanup' which you can use to
carry out similar tasks.

[1] Note that orphan is used in the sense of Debian's deborphan, and
is NOT the same as Fedora orphaned packages which are packages that
have no current maintainer.

Now, you can simply run the command


to see a list of the orphaned packages on the system 🙂


And once you have verified that you want to remove all the listed application, then you can run the following command:

sudo yum remove $(rpmorphan |tr '\n' ' ')
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