bash Fedora Linux

List all the installed firefox addons from the bash script

Here is a one-line that would help you get the Firefox addons in the bash script:

grep -hIr \\<em:name ~/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/extensions|sed \’s#\\s*##\’|sed \’s#.*\\(>.*<\\).*#\\1#\’|sed \’s/[<\\|>]//g\’|sort -u


Firefox 4.0 mockups for LInux/Windows and Mac
The link above will take you to the Mozilla wiki for the UI and theme mockups for the Firefox 4.0 release. Quite interesting but what I did not like is that the Linux mockup looks more like chrome. Not sure why mozilla would want to do that 🙂
  • Tabs-on-top: Defaut tabs to top of UI.
  • Hiding the Menu Bar: Hide the menu bar and add Page and Tools buttons.

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