bash Wordpress

using wordpress CLI to post to wordpress

There is a very nice post here: How to post content to a WordPress blog from the command line

I tried this in Fedora 14 and here is the way to get this working in Fedora

su -


install WordPress::CLI WordPress::Post

Now, once the above completes make sure that the path /usr/local/bin is in you path.

Then you can simply follow the steps in the above blog post and you are good to go. Happy blogging.


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Performance issues resolved with my blog.

For last 2-3 weeks there were quite a lot of performance issues with my website. I was looking at the same but could not get enough time to have all of them resolved together. Finally I have spent time on my web hosting and wordpress installation to resolve these issues.

I have taken this opportunity to optimize the blog also. Now the page loading time should be much lesser and you should not be seeing any issues with respect to the site performance or un-availability. If you do see some issues, leave me a comment or contact me through contact me page.

I hope you have a better experience.

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bash Linux

List of commands you use most often

$ history | awk \'{a[$2]++}END{for(i in a){print a[i] \" \" i}}\' | sort -rn | head > /tmp/cmds | gnuplot -persist <(echo \'plot \"/tmp/cmds\" using 1:xticlabels(2) with boxes\') Plot your most used commands with gnuplot.

by David Winterbottom (