lightweight pdf viewer – zathura.

Zathura is a lightweight viewer for pdf which works on plugins. Here is shor description :

Zathura is a highly configurable and functional PDF viewer based on the Poppler
rendering library and the GTK+ toolkit. The idea behind zathura is an
application that provides a minimalist and space saving interface as well as
an easy usage that mainly focuses on keyboard interaction.

But the viewer will not work unless you install the plugins to display the correct plugin. So, if you want to use it for any real purposes then you will have to install the appropriate plugin as well, so here is what you need to do:

sudo yum install zathura zathura-pdf-poppler

And you have the lightweight viewer working for pdf. Its very good option if you like a viewer alone with not many features, but doing just what it is designed to do 🙂


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Xnest – XDMCP protocol and virtual DM

An IceWM Xephyr session is running inside a Fl...
An IceWM Xephyr session is running inside a Fluxbox Xephyr session, which is running inside another IceWM Xephyr session, which is running under Linux Mint 8. (Note that Fluxbox is also licensed under the MIT license by the Fluxbox developers, but IceWM is released under the GPL and LGPL by Marko Ma?ek.) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

XDMCP is protocol that allows remote connections and provides you with a working Display Manager like KDE, GNome, et al. Its a remote connection protocol that is mostly enabled on Solaris and disabled on most Linux boxes. If you need to have a remote session where you need the X Display to open some GUI applications then you can have a connection with the remote server with XDMCP.

If you need to have a XDMCP session then you can use the following command to start a session:

Xephyr -name amit -title aka -query  -wr :1 -screen 1024x768 -host-cursor &

For this session we are using Xephyr. To install the same you can do the following:

sudo yum install xorg-x11-server-Xephyr

You can use the above command with Xnest also :). Just replace Xephyr in both the commands with Xnest.

Also, this can be very useful to get a session on the current system with a different username also. For example, I normally have to work with 2 users on the same system, and hence open nested X-window for the second user like so:

Xephyr -name amit -title aka -wr :1 -screen 1024x768 -host-cursor &
sudo su - username -c "export DISPLAY=:1 && selectwm" &

In the command above we are using selectwm to be started and you can install that with

sudo yum install selectwm

Description for selectwm :

selectwm is a simple but robust program that will let you pick a
window manager (or other executable) to run at X startup, and
optionally after a window manager exits. It uses the GTK+ toolkit, and
includes options like a timer to start the default window manager, and
modification of the window manager list from within selectwm.

To understand the options used in the commands above look at the respective man pages.

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gnome-tweak-tool gets a fantastic new Font Selector window

Here is the quick look at how the Font Selector looks like now. And its not just for the gnome-tweak-tool, its for all the places for font selection. I really loved it. So intuitive to use and amazingly good to look. This is what a good design and thinking can do. Kudos to Gnome team for coming up with this.

Font Selector for Verne
Font Selector for Verne
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