image viewer tools

These are some of the image viewers that I know, pick your choice 🙂

sudo yum install imageinfo.i686 gtkimageview.i686 imagej.noarch gimmage.i686 gpicview.i386 gthumb.i686 immix.i686 mirage.i686 pony.noarch viewnior.i686 fotoxx.i686

Display IP address in console login screen

Here is one liner that will add the current IP address in the console login screen (if you are not running X as is case for servers):

 (ip -o -4 a| awk '$2 !="lo" {print "\nIP Address ::"$4}' |tr '\n' ',';echo)>>/etc/issue

Just execute the above command as root. It will add the required code in “/etc/issue” to display the IP address. BTW, you can also use “\4” or “\6” instead of that command to get the IP but that will not work with some old versions of Linux.

Monitor progress of coreutils commad like mv, cp etc

Monitor progress of coreutils commad like mv, cp etc

You can use command called “progress”. Other option is “pv” but that is little complicated so here is simpler option.

Progress – A Tiny Tool to Monitor Progress for (cp, mv, dd, tar, etc.) Commands in Linux

To install, you can do the following:

dnf install progress