tracer – trace outdated files on your system

Tracer finds outdated running applications in your system.

Home page : Tracer Home page.


To install :

sudo dnf install tracer

Once you have done that, after every dns update/upgrade you would see a list of process’s that need to be restarted. If you want to find manually, then just :

sudo tracer

ionice – renice you IO activity for the process.

ionice is utility provided by the package util-linux. Description of util-linux:

Description : The util-linux package contains a large variety of low-level system
: utilities that are necessary for a Linux system to function. Among
: others, Util-linux contains the fdisk configuration tool and the login
: program.


With the help of this utility, you can set the scheduler priority for your IO scheduling upto RealTime, but be careful that can make other process sluggish. Example use:

ionice -c 1 -n 7 $(pgrep

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